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Pursuing a Personal Injury Case When You’re Injured in a Retail Store

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2020 | Firm News

You deserve to be able to shop in safety. However, it’s an unfortunate reality that many people receive injuries while visiting retail locations. Therefore, it’s crucial to know what steps to take if this happens to you. A personal injury attorney in Columbia, MD, is the first call you should make to ensure that your rights are protected.

Retail stores have a duty of care to ensure that their locations are safe for shoppers. In other words, retailers must do everything within their power to avoid danger and hazards, including everything from spilled grocery products to unsafe stairwell lighting. If you believe that your injury is a result of negligence, a personal injury attorney will help you navigate the ensuing legal process.

Your Next Steps

After your injury, your first priority is your own health. First, make sure that you are okay and seek medical attention if necessary. If you don’t require immediate medical help, make sure that a store employee creates and shows you an accident report form.

Next, you must consider liability for the accident. Were the store’s dangerous conditions the cause of your injury? Could they have reasonably prevented these conditions? If you think the store is responsible, it’s important to gather the necessary evidence. This includes speaking with the manager, speaking to witnesses, and taking pictures and videos. After you’ve collected everything from the scene of the injury, you may need to file an insurance claim if your injuries are severe enough. Your next step is to contact a personal injury attorney in Columbia, MD, who will help you determine if your case is worth pursuing.