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Justice For Victims Of Discrimination And Police Misconduct

People of color are subjected to injustices and prejudice on a regular basis. When the offender is a fellow citizen, it’s a violation of your human dignity. When the wrongdoers are police officers or public officials, it’s a violation of your civil rights.

The Ingram Firm, L.L.C. is a voice for those who have been injured or killed by police brutality or who have suffered other egregious civil rights abuses. We speak truth to power and in turn empower our clients to demand justice in the form of public accountability and monetary compensation.

Do you have grounds for a civil rights lawsuit? Call 410-541-1570 to arrange a free case evaluation by our skilled and committed attorney. Based in Columbia, Maryland, our legal team serves the Baltimore and D.C. Metro area.

Were Your Civil Rights Violated?

Police are given broad latitude to investigate crimes. They have limited protections (qualified immunity) against lawsuits because of the dangerous nature of their work. But all too often, those who enforce the law think they are above the law. They cross the line in accosting, arresting and interrogating suspects and witnesses.

The Ingram Firm pursues legal action for civil rights abuses resulting in bodily injury, emotional distress, damage to reputation and other tangible harm. We can explore your possible lawsuit for:

  • Excessive use of force — Batons, illegal restraints, kicking, pepper spray, police dogs, etc.
  • Unwarranted deadly force resulting in wrongful death or permanent injury
  • False arrest or malicious prosecution
  • Racial profiling and other discriminatory practices

Attorney Damani Ingram also practices in criminal law. He is knowledgeable about police procedure and violations by law enforcement of the Fourth Amendment right against illegal search and seizure. He is well versed in the federal civil rights statutes and corresponding laws of Maryland and the District of Columbia. Our entire legal team is fully committed to shining the light on police misconduct and getting a just result for our clients.

An Accomplished And Respected Fighter On Your Side

Damani Ingram has a solid track record in civil litigation, including recoveries for excessive force and civil rights violations. He has been recognized by the National Black Lawyers Top 100 and selected for inclusion in Maryland Super Lawyers, reflecting his legal prowess, professional integrity and the respect of his fellow attorneys. He will make every effort to secure a fair settlement without putting you through more trauma, but he is absolutely prepared to go to trial if that’s what it takes.

No One Will Work Harder To Achieve Justice

If you believe that police or government officials abused their power, you deserve to be compensated for your lasting injuries and financial harms. We invite you to arrange a free consultation in our Columbia office or remotely by phone or Zoom. Call 410-541-1570 today or use our email form to reach out.