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How Bankruptcy Will Affect Your Credit Score

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2020 | Firm News

It’s never easy filing for bankruptcy and it hinders your ability to move forward in the negative way it can impact your credit score. If you’ve made the decision recently or in the past to file for bankruptcy, it stays on your credit report for ten years. Whether you’re trying to use your credit score to help you take a step forward out of bankruptcy or recovery but are still suffering from your score, The Ingram Firm LLC can provide a bankruptcy attorney in Howard County, MD.

Working through your bankruptcy case will involve adhering to Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 procedures because it can help your chances of wiping your debts clean or minimizing them. Chapter 7 will liquidate any property or non-exempt assets and put the proceeds towards your debts. Even if you’re not able to pay it all off, the court has the power to wipe the slate clean. Chapter 13 allows you to discharge some of your debts, such as medical bills, and repay other debts like home mortgages or car loans over a three to five-year span.

Our highly experienced attorneys will also explore these types of bankruptcies:

  • Chapter 9
  • Chapter 11
  • Chapter 12

Even if bankruptcy can be a detrimental factor towards your credit score, our highly skilled bankruptcy attorneys can help you get your life back on track. It is possible to fix your credit score so that you can get back to your life.