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Are You Eligible for Compensation if You Didn’t Wear a Seat Belt During an Accident?

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2020 | Firm News

It’s always a good practice to wear your seat belt when you’re in a vehicle, but there are times when that doesn’t happen. Perhaps you are physically unable because of a medical condition or injury, perhaps you’re making multiple stops and don’t want to struggle with a seat belt time after time, or maybe you just plain forgot.

Regardless of your reason for not wearing a seat belt, if you are injured in an auto accident, you may be eligible for compensation. Our team at The Ingram Firm has provided this blog post to give you insight into the question. We are car accident lawyers in Columbia, MD, who have a depth of experience in this area and know what to expect.

In Maryland, seat belt use is mandatory, but failure to wear a seat belt does not constitute negligence on your part. This means you still may be eligible for compensation. You are protected by a statute within the Maryland Transportation Code that says not wearing a seat belt may not be considered negligence or evidence of contributory negligence. It also states that it does not limit the liability of a party or insurer or reduce recovery for damages.

As you can see, you have solid rights that should be upheld in your case. Experienced and trustworthy car accident lawyers in Columbia, MD, are whom you should turn to for help.