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Five things to remember while navigating icy roads this winter

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2023 | Personal Injury

Winter will be here soon and that means driving on snowy and icy roads. Many Maryland residents get nervous driving on icy roads, which is understandable, since they increase the risk of a serious car accident.

The following information can help you reduce your risk of an accident this winter.

Prepare your vehicle for winter

First, make sure your vehicle is in good driving condition and properly maintained. Have your mechanic perform a thorough checkup of your vehicle, inspecting parts including your battery, tires, fluids, defrosters and heat and cooling systems. Install anything that helps protect you during winter driving, such as snow tires.

Next, stock your car with items designed for winter driving. Examples include blankets, flashlights, flares and jumper cables, as well as a broom, ice scraper and show shovel.

Do not forget food and water and make sure your cell phone is fully charged before you drive. This will help you drive in winter weather and provide you with security knowing you are prepared in case of an emergency. Sometimes weather conditions deteriorate as you are driving, leaving you with no choice but to pull over and wait out the storm.

Watch the weather and give yourself plenty of time

Pay attention to weather conditions. Always check the weather before you head out on the road and follow any advisory instructions. If there is a winter weather warning in effect encouraging drivers to stay off the roads, consider postponing or cancelling your trip.

When you do drive, give yourself extra time to get to your destination and do not speed. Driving at the speed limit when roads are icy could be considered negligent driving. The speed limits are designed upon the maximum speed you can drive on normal road conditions. Poor road conditions, such as icy roads, mean you should be driving slower.

Stay away from dangerous drivers

Finally, while you might drive at an appropriate speed, other drivers may not. Avoid drivers who appear to be speeding or driving recklessly. Many winter car accidents happen due to a vehicle losing control because they are driving too fast for conditions.

Slow down and let the reckless driver go by. Do not try to keep pace with them. If you cannot avoid them, pull over to a safe place until they are gone.

Sometimes no matter how safely you drive, an accident happens. You cannot control the other drivers on the road who may be driving drunk or distracted or engaging in other negligent behavior.

Exploring your options after a winter car crash

Being in an accident is a terrible event any time of the year, but it can be especially devastating when it is caused by icy roads during the holiday season. You have a legal right to compensation when your accident is caused by the negligence of another driver.

Obtaining compensation requires proving negligence. If you are successful, your compensation could cover medical costs, lost wages and emotional suffering.

You may be feeling confused, sad and overwhelmed after an accident on winter roads. Learning about your options for compensation and the steps to take can help you plan for your future while you heal and recover from your injuries.