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What to Do – and What Not to Do – When You Are Arrested

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2021 | Firm News

There may come a moment when you have the misfortune to be arrested. If this happens to you, there are some things you should, and shouldn’t, do. At The Ingram Firm, we’ve helped many clients who have been arrested. We are going to offer here the tips we’ve provided to them.

When you are arrested, don’t resist or act violently. This could cause you to be injured and even increase the number of charges you may end up facing. Although we suggest that you cooperate with the arresting officer, it doesn’t mean we believe you should answer questions put to you by the police. Any criminal law firm in Columbia, MD, will remind you that you have the right to remain silent and should invoke that right. You can give police basic information, such as birth date and address, but don’t go any farther than that.

As soon as the first opportunity presents itself, you need to contact a criminal law firm. An experienced criminal defense attorney can immediately start protecting your rights working toward getting your release. Don’t discuss your case with the police or make any sort of deals on your own. Your lawyer is your best hope for fighting the charges, so let her or him work for you.