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The Ingram Firm, L.L.C. is your advocate for tough times.
We help people recover from bad accidents or crushing debt. We pursue justice for victims of police misconduct and medical negligence. We resolve complex business disputes and vigorously defend the accused. Put your trust in our skilled and compassionate team.

For The Injured And Abused

You deserve to be compensated for your financial hardships and suffering if you were injured by negligence or misconduct. Damani Ingram is an experienced and aggressive trial lawyer who gets results. He is not afraid to take on insurance companies, health care providers, corporations or government entities to hold the wrongdoers accountable. Damani has a strong record of recoveries, from auto accidents and medical malpractice to police brutality and wrongful death.
Areas of Practice
Personal Injury
Medical Malpractice
Civil Rights Violations
Business Litigation
Criminal Defense

Break Free From Debt

Have debt problems taken over your life? Tired of harassment and threats from bill collectors? Worried about losing your home or having your paychecks garnished? Bankruptcy may be the answer to reducing your debts and reclaiming your life. The Ingram Firm, L.L.C. will help you qualify and make the most of this opportunity. We handle Chapter 7 bankruptcy, as well as Chapter 13 repayment plans and Chapter 11 business reorganizations.
We are known for focused experience, first-class service and fierce representation.

Kudos From Our Clients

“From day one of contact, Mr. Ingram displayed a genuine approach to helping me with my situation. He truly kept his word with regard to what he said he would do.”
“Damani Ingram took my case without judgement and took it with care and consideration. He took every aspect of my case into consideration and got me a lesser charge than was even expected.”
“All I can say is. Mr. Ingram & his staff keep it real & upfront with everything. The Ingram employees are very respectful, caring & loyal to their clients. They work hard to assist in every way. My calls & concerns were always answered. “
“Outstanding, The Ingram Firm actually stands up to fight for those who have been hurt. Great team of professionals who are dedicated to serving clients, while exceeding their expectations. Thank you for your commitment to justice.”

A Caring & Cutting-Edge Team

We are known for focused experience, first-class service and fierce representation.