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Immigration Issues

There is more to your immigration and naturalization issues than the forms you need to fill out. Immigration affects, and is affected by, many other areas of law. You need an attorney who can help you understand your rights and responsibilities, while helping you maintain your immigration status.

At The Ingram Firm, LLC, we help our clients avoid the dangers and pitfalls in other legal areas that could cause denial of citizenship.

Factors That Affect Citizenship

Criminal law and family law are connected with immigration and naturalization, and what you do in these areas can have a negative affect on your green card or US citizenship status:

  • Criminal law: One of the most common mistakes in this area is agreeing to a plea with the prosecutor. Part of almost every plea bargain is agreeing to plead guilty to some crime, even if it is a reduced charge. This might bring you a lower sentence, but it also puts a criminal conviction on your record. If the crime is deportable, you could lose your status and be deported.
  • Family law: In family law, the problems involve divorce and separation. Depending on your status, what type of visa you have when staying in the US, and the circumstances and dates surrounding your marriage, divorce and separation, there are many common mistakes people make that could negatively affect their status. We can help you maintain your immigration and naturalization status throughout your marriage and divorce.

Empowering You Through Knowledge of the Law

Perhaps more than any other area of law, immigration law requires knowledge of your rights and responsibilities. Our lawyers have diverse backgrounds, with an emphasis in education, and we use this educational background to help you understand the process. When you know the next steps of your immigration and naturalization case, you are able to make smart decisions for your case and your life going forward.

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