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Although divorce is never easy, having an attorney who looks out for your best interests, rather than just rushing into trial, can be a tremendous benefit, saving you time, money and emotional turmoil.

At The Ingram Firm, LLC, we pride ourselves on tailoring our family law representation to meet our Columbia, Maryland, clients' interests, while finding efficient and cost-effective solutions to their problems.

Divorce and Immigration

If you are facing a divorce and have immigration issues, contact us today. Often the family law decisions people make regarding their marriages, separations and divorce have negative impact on their immigration status. We can help you avoid these pitfalls.

Finding the Simplest, Most Amiable Solutions Possible

Often divorce trials are more trouble than they're worth. Our attorneys use mediation whenever possible. Mediation is a simpler family law conflict-resolution process that avoids a courtroom trial, where the parties negotiate the terms of the divorce with the help of a mediator.

Mediation and negotiation offer solutions for your divorce that are more:

  • Cost-effective: Court fees, lawyer fees, and other peripheral costs of trial add up quickly, and mediation can help you avoid many of these costs.
  • Time Saving: Especially with the courts being so backed up in recent years, it can take a long time to get through the court system; mediation is often much faster.
  • Amiable: To get the best deal in a traditional divorce trial, it is often necessary to make the other party look bad. This results in an acrimonious process of mud-throwing in the public eye, often in front of the children. Mediation is more private and much more amiable than this.

When mediation works, it can be a tremendous benefit to our clients.

Of course, sometimes mediation does not work, because one party is unwilling to work with the process or there are a few things that the parties simply cannot agree on. Sometimes the only option is trial. When mediation is not an option, we can represent you effectively at trial.

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