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Debt Relief for Columbia, Maryland, Clients

We live in a debt-ridden society, where far too many of us have overextended our credit beyond our capacity to repay what we owe. Fortunately, there is a way out through Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Our attorneys can help.

At The Ingram Firm, LLC, we pride ourselves in understanding our clients, without judging them. We focus on educating our clients about the legal process so that they can make the best decisions possible along the way. Let us help you get free from the burden of debt, as well.

We will walk you through Chapter 7 bankruptcy step by step, helping you learn everything you need to know throughout the process.

  • Initial consultation: First, one of our lawyers will meet with you and look over your debts, assets, and income to determine whether filing Chapter 7 is in your best interest.
  • Debtor's counseling: This is required as a first step in the bankruptcy process.
  • Means test: This test explores your income, debt and assets to determine whether you have enough to pay off some of your debts. If so, you will not be eligible for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, though you might still qualify for Chapter 13 bankruptcy if Chapter 7 is not an option.
  • Filing and hearings: We will file all necessary documents and be with you throughout the process. When granted, Chapter 7 will allow you to discharge many of your unsecured debt, like credit cards and medical bills.

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Our Goal

When you are buried in debt, it often feels like there is no way out. Some people are simply scared of the bankruptcy process. We are here to help you get free from debt, and to help you understand what is happening in your case. Our approachable, personable and talented attorneys pride ourselves in our personalized approach and our dedication to providing you with the quality representation you deserve.

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